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Snir starter his career at E.Y as an intern up to his role as a team leader. As part of his period in E.Y, Snir establish a new process for interns that eventually implemented throughout the entire office, and also received the “Values award” for pursuing innovation category.

In addition, Snir was also awarded as Outstanding Employee of the year– Hi-Tech section.

His second role was at AppsFlyer and was the company premilitary ERP scaling up and gain lot of knowledge in heart of the “Priority” ERP system.

Snir next stop was in a company that provide CFO services.  As part of his role, Snir was maintained the company data base as part of an ongoing preparation for audits and DD, established ERP system, and enforce the company financials and operative procedures.



Eliaz starter his career as an intern in a small C.P.A office and gained lot of experience with individuals and small businesses and working with internal and outsource finance teams.

His second role was at E.Y and worked as an auditor and team leader with many tech companies, from incorporation up to unicorn.

Eliaz next stop was as a financial manager in a public trade company and was the financial manager of 8 companies in the communication and software environment, that was also finances by OCS and other European grants.