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About HS finances


Our dedication to the field and everlasting ambition to achieve greatness in the financial
management realm is a paved path towards a tailor-made and innovative set of solutions that will help you and your business prosper.
Our proposed combination of professional knowledge and experience with a personal ambition to strive for the best will be your secret weapon in every aspect of your financial activity.

 We are happy to extend our services to organizations of all sectors – and help you benefit from invaluable input and work methods to surpass any financial management challenges.

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Snir has worked as a team leader for E.Y. - leading innovation and efficiency throughout the company, providing over 30 companies, both big and small, with the right data, tools, and insight to manage their finances with utmost success. For his continued and effective efforts, Snir has won the "Values Award" and “Outstanding employee” awards. 

In the coming years, Snir has advanced his career further and served as an inhouse financial manager in innovative and industry-leading companies where he helped organizations prepare for audits, scaled up their ERP systems and databases, and led new and advanced methods that became the powerful engine which drove these enterprises to new heights.

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Eliaz starter his career as an intern in a small C.P.A office and gained lot of experience with individuals and small businesses and working with internal and outsource finance teams.

His second role was at E.Y and worked as an auditor and team leader with many tech companies, from incorporation up to unicorn.

Eliaz next stop was as a financial manager in a public trade company and was the financial manager of 8 companies in the communication and software environment, that was also finances by OCS and other European grants.  

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