Financial Management

* Bookkeeping services

* Payroll Services

* Ongoing financial oversight and control

* Monthly and quarterly Management & Investor Reports

* Cash Management

* Tax allowance and reporting

* Maintenance of insurance coverage (for offices and real estate,         D&O, liability and more)

* Create and enforcement  a company protocols


** We can act as a "One stop shop" for all the services or only as financial managers working along internal/other bookkeeping service providers. 

Budget Management

* Budget planing

*Analysis of Budget Vs Actual

* Financial report, outlook and forecast management




* Israeli GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP.

*Analysis of the company risk components. 

* Test based on the Organization's activity and risk analysis

* Assist comprising and review 2 kits of high-level statement both to tax authorities and to Investors.

Multinational Companies

* Setting up local branches, deployment of local processes and operations

* Reporting according the global accounting structure  and adjustments to the local GAAP

* Supervision and control of compliance with local tax laws

* On going financial management full services

ERP Implementation 

* Strategic planning - Examine current business processes and information flow

* Develop a project plan

* Review software capabilities

Develop standard operating procedures

* Data collection and implementation

* Pre-test the database

* Training the end users

* Go live and evaluation