Out Sourcing - In House 

In order to build a successful business together we have to "eat, breathe and sleep" the company.

In our opinion, the finance team has to be an integral part of the team- to sit together in the offices and feel the vibes and the rhythm of the company.

We will bring our experience to the daily work procedure in order to create and develop a great management team.

Finance Team 

4 eyes are better than 2 - the work of a finance team can be very technical.

In order to bring the extra value, we believe that we have to get at least 4 eyes on the company, therefore, you will have at least 2 finance people to take care of everything you need:

1.A bookkeeper with an extensive experience in the industry.

2. Accountant as a team leader - from seed stage to a large scale company.


In the start up fast paced reality, mistakes can easily be done.

Our challenge is to learn from others' mistakes and to avoid them before they happen.

Our wide and extensive experience will allow us to make a better brain storming and to get the best decisions for your company's future.