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The financial services that your company needs are all right here – managed by an experienced team of professionals – all under one roof. This powerful combination of in-house services in an outsourced service format on a monthly retainer will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of both worlds.

Bookkeeping and payroll

Your company's books will be managed by an experience bookkeeper and revied monthly basis by 2 highly skilled C.P.A.'s with years of experience in Israel's leading firms. At every step along the way, we make sure your financial interests are at the top of our priorities.
With the help of an advanced ERP system, we provide you with the tools to stay up to date on all your valuable information, no matter where you are. Whether it is ongoing monthly bookkeeping, reports, managing a multi-currency and bilingual working environment, complete payroll process, or the advanced solutions that will keep you and your bank synchronized -- we got you covered. 

Bookkeeping and payroll

Financial management

The right financial management service would help you make the best decisions and address cardinal issues that may make all the difference between failure – and success.

  • Budgeting and BVA analysis.

  • Utilize an ERP system that will help you implement new work methods. 

  • Financial consultation on all fronts – be it proper payroll, contract structure, or current cashflow.

  • Ongoing cash flow monitoring.

  • Preparation for board meetings.

  •  Financial and legal data-based management, as a DD preparation.

Financial management

Financial Statements Audit 

Whether your organization needs an audit of consolidated statements or an internal audit to make sure it runs in accordance with applicable laws and financial presentation practice- HS Finances will make sure that you have everything together and are prepared for any scenario involving formal audits. 

Financial Statements Audit 

"On Demand" Projects

A variety of tailor-made solutions that are designed to meet the unique requirements that your business might encounter along its path. 

  • Process implementation through advanced technological solutions.

  • Budgeting preparations before meeting investors.

  • In-house CFO services.

  • Consulting services in every aspect of your financial management.

  • And much more…

"On Demand" Projects

Services for Freelancers and Independent Individuals

Keep your independent business running efficiently with HS's team at hand. Our professionals will consider all your sources of income, manage your business's annual statements as well as your tax refunds and state-required financial statements – while keeping your invoices and financial management aspects in order.

Services for Freelancers and Independent Individuals

Admin services

Invest your time at the right place. We offer an admin services with no hourly minimum commitment.

  • Management of expense and travel reports.

  • Travel abroad reservations, from flight and hotels to restaurant reservations.

  • Ongoing handling of collection and arrangement of invoices and payments, Payment for vendors and billing.

  • Taking care of welfare issues such as office refreshments, company events etc’.

  • Logistical assistance in filling out forms, employee details (101, etc.)

Admin services
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